Recruitment for Management Faculty
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As what work demands,School of Medicine of Wuhan University needs a research management. The requirements are as follows;

I: The requirements for the job

1. Law-abiding, industrious,mentally and psychologically healthy, and good team spirits

2. Degree at postgraduate or doctorate. Doctorate should be under 30-year-old while postgraduate should beunder 28-year-old.

3. Medicine related majors

4. Careful and devoted to work. Goodat writing and office software.

II:Schedule and Timeline

1. Online Application

Anyone who applies for the job should send a copy of ID card, graduation certificate, qualifications (with a registration photo) attached to,with titles in the form of “name+university name+management recruitment”. The deadline will be June 10th,2014.

2. Interview

The interview will be held before June 15th,2014.Specifics will be on another notice.

3. Recruitment and Employment

Anyone recruited will be treated by contract. Specifics on benefit and salary will be discussed privately.

III: Contact

Contact Ms Hu at027-68758689.

School of Medicine

May 23rd,2014