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The second edition of the monograph Emergency Medicine of Digestive Diseases edited by Prof. Deng Changsheng was published
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Translated by: Cao Mi, Wu Xia

The second edition of the monograph Emergency Medicine of Digestive Diseases, edited by Professor Deng Changsheng of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University was recently published by People's Medical Publishing House and distributed by Xinhua Bookstore nationwide.

Among clinical emergencies, digestive diseases are common. Specialist face various risks when dealing with these emergencies. This monograph is intended for better performance of the specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive emergencies.

Being cutting-edge, practical and instructive, the second edition embraces 33 chapters, the content of which varies from the basic theory of digestive emergencies, to clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as the latest experimental and clinical fruits, thus providing specialists with expertise in digestive emergencies in a comprehensive and elaborate way.

It is reported that the monograph is the 18th textbook and monograph edited by Prof. Deng Changsheng. Diagnosis edited by Prof. Deng serves as the textbook for colleges and universities nationwide. In addition, monographs edited by Prof. Deng are listed as a required professional book for gastroenterologists and clinical postgraduates by many grade-A tertiary hospitals nationwide.