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Two projects of School of Public Health Wuhan University won the Excellence Award of the First Virtual Simulation Experiment Innovation Competition
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Translated by: Cao Mi, Wu Xia

Recently, the first Medical Virtual Simulation Experiment Innovation Competition was successfully organized. After intense and fierce competition, all 12 projects from School of Public Health Wuhan University passed the qualification round in Public Health and Preventive Medicine and were shortlisted for the national competition, among which the projects led by Zhang Xin (from Grade 2019 Preventive Medicine, Instructor: Tan Xiaodong and Zou Jingui) and Lin Jing (from Grade 2020 Preventive Medicine, Instructor: Chen Shuai) entered the national final and were awarded Excellence Award.

The competition was organized by the Working Committee of Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Innovation Alliance in Medicine, and hosted by 11 institutions including Peking University Health Science Center and School of Public Health, Sun Yat-sen University. There are 9 tracks, namely, basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy, forensic medicine, medical technology, nursing and stomatology. With the focus on innovation-driven strategy, the first competition was held mainly online, aiming to improve the comprehensive innovation capacity and professional expertise of medical students, and promote the development and innovation of medicine-related products with virtual simulation technology.